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Client Testimonials

At Mouzourakis & Company, client satisfaction is our number one priority. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received from satisfied clients.

Mouzourakis is not your typical lawyer. First thing he did when I told him that I had a minor whiplash was to tell me how I could help myself and save money and time. He explained to me that if he took my case, he would have to charge fees plus expenses and take time to go through the court/settlement process. George walked me through what he likes to call a cost benefit risk analysis and what he said made sense to me. I negotiated my claim with ICBC on my own and my net result was what George suggested might be the outcome that I had hoped for. I sense he likes to do bigger cases but he will spend the time to talk to you.

-- Mr. K

I called George Mouzourakis for help with a criminal matter. George told me that he used to be a criminal lawyer 25 years ago but he said he would make some calls to see what he could do. He called me back and explained to me my options and gave me some numbers for lawyers who could help me. George also explained to me other options legal aid law students in case I could not afford a lawyer. I called him many times and he always returned my calls.

-- Mr. K

George's name was given to me by an old client. George is very hands on. You call him and he will return your call. You want to meet him and he will meet with you. The only problem is that the process takes too long for my liking but George explained all that to me from the beginning. George gave me a long letter explaining the steps my case would take. He called it my roadmap.

Before the mediation to try to settle my case, he gave me a long letter explaining the pros and cons of my case and he also prepared a long letter to the other lawyers spelling out what I wanted and why. He explained every step ahead of time and there were no surprises. He is very easy to work with. Made me laugh. I helped a lot.

-- Ms. P

I was very happy with Mr. George's services. His interpreter explained everything to me and Mr. George made certain that I understand every step. Muchas Gracias Mr. George.

-- Mr. R

Good Afternoon George:

Sorry i did not get back to you sooner but i don't go on my email every day.

I guess i have to tell truth what i really think of you , ha ha , kidding this is truly what i think of you.

When I needed someone to assist me legally when i had my accident and you were referred to me i was a little nervous as i really had not had to deal with lawyers for any reasons previously thankful. Issue being is you made me feel very comfortable and through out the whole process you kept me constantly updated.

Every time we spoke i always felt at ease and you made it quite clear if at anytime i was not understanding something or i had doubts on anything do not hesitate to call you and you would always take the time to explain the situation to me. I never felt i was interrupting you.

I again would like to thank you for helping me through the process and making it as painless as possible.

What i think of you is I think you are a sensitive, positive and professional human being and would not hesitate to refer any of my friends who may need legal advice to you.

Best wishes back to you and your family.

-- Ms. L.

Hi George,

Don't know how you want to use this as you helped me free of charge so it may not help your bottom line but it definitely speaks to your character.

Mr. Mouzourakis went out of his way to guide me through the self directed settlement process with ICBC. George helped me to settle my claim quickly and successfully without having to go through the courts to maximize my net claim.

George's patience, time and advice were invaluable and given with no fee for service. Rare for this day and age. Thank you George.

-- Ms. B

George Mouzourakis caught me by surprise when he explained to me that I could negotiate the settlement of my personal injury claim directly with the ICBC adjuster. I told him that I was very upset with ICBC as I was not getting any response and he told me that I had to understand that the adjusters are overworked and stressed given the current employment situation and they were doing the best they could in the circumstances. They had to follow corporate policy.

George emailed me a guidebook to direct me on what I needed to know about the claims process and then called me to make sure that I got it and understood it.

I then told him that my doctor told me that it was minor whiplash and that I wanted to know my options. George took the time to explain to me what I needed to do and directed me to me a free legal research website so that I could do my own research. He explained to me what I could do on my own versus the costs of hiring a lawyer for a case like mine. He made a point of warning me that if the doctor found anything more serious than a minor whiplash that I should hire a lawyer. George made a point of telling me to call him about any legal problem anytime because he would be happy to steer me in the right direction.

-- Ms. F

"I was very happy with Mr. George's services. His interpreter explained everything to me and Mr. George made certain that I understand every step. Muchas Gracias Mr. George."
-- Mr. R

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